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10547 Union Springs Rd. - Dayton, VA  22821
Phone: 540.867.5829
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ENGRAVER            METALSMITH          HORNER             GUNSTOCKER

I am Mark Thomas, an artisan working with wood, horn, ivory, and a variety of metals to achieve unique and beautiful works of art. My Biography page will tell you a little about me.

My skills include gunstocker, hand-engraver, metal-smith, horner, jeweler and carver, and the many other disciplines that are entwined with the era of the longrifle. All of the items on display on my web site were designed and fabricated by me, and are historically accurate for the period.

Check the Gallery for examples of my work, in a variety of styles and mediums, which are presently in private collections. You will find some selected pieces on the For Sale page that may be purchased. I add items to this page periodically.

I now have a new feature: Here is an account of how one of my items came into being, with sequential photos of the process. I hope you find this interesting - I plan to add more in the future.

Please check back - new images are added to my site periodically. Contact me at any time, by phone, mail or Email,
to discuss a treasure for your own collection. It will be a pleasure to hear from you!

If you don't see exactly the item you are looking for, please contact me. I can custom-craft your treasure just for you.

Yours truly,

Mark Thomas
Dayton, VA
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BIOGRAPHY                     THE GALLERY                     FOR SALE                     LINKS

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